I’m a passionate! I’ve always been a passionate!

I was 5 when I got the usual question: ” What would you like to do when you grow up?” 

I think no one was expecting from a 5 yo: ”I want to travel the world and help people”.

Growing up, when I dived into something there was no holding back! I invested myself 100% from the time an idea took roots into my head. 

After years of travelling and helping, I have finally figured out that the BEST way to help people. Supporting the people around us… so many times we try to help and support everyone, forgetting sometimes the ones closer to us. If everyone would help and support their inner circles (family, relatives, friends) the world would be a happier place already 🙂  

This is not an easy feat because it means giving up the MOST precious thing we possess…. TIME!

Spending time with the people you care about is the MOST important thing that will make this world a better place for your baby, will give you the best sense of achievement and will be beneficial to all around you. When I mean time, I mean real time…no screens aloud, no other distractions, look at each other in the eye quality time.

The thing is…time is lacking for most parents. We want to do the best for our kids and in order to do that, it requires a lot of planning. To make our life easier we buy products to help us out but it takes often hours of Googling and even then, often, we can’t find what we are looking for, it is way too expensive or once we buy it, it doesn’t work! It becomes really frustrating!!!

I want to SAVE you that time and burden so you can actually have MORE TIME to spend with your loved ones. I will do everything in my power to discover through all means possible the products that work and that  

I finally found the BEST way to help thousands and thousands of people. Not only will I be helping you as a parent but then it will be multiplied by the fact that you will be able to spend more TIME with your loved ones and therefore supporting them in the best way possible, LOVE.

I promise that I will do everything to support you in your parenting journey to make it easier for you. I will provide quality goods that are safe, reliable and proven to work. We also aim to support local, eco-friendly, small business, mums in business, toxin-free and ethical as much as possible because we believe we can make a difference at every step of the way. 

If you are looking for something and can’t find it, drop us a line and it will be our pleasure to find it for you and show you the best options in our opinion. Or even if you don’t know what could help but are looking to solve an issue, let us know and we’ll try to find the best solution available for you. 


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