From their first few moments, babies have bibs around their neck. From drooling to eating, these things are essential to ensure we are not constantly washing their clothes and that our babies are kept dry and clean.

Being on our second child, I can tell you we have tried so many bibs and so many of them aren’t working properly so they are kept in a drawer in case we ran out of the good ones.

Many bibs have a tendency to undo themselves WAY too easily from our baby’s neck or not being thick enough or absorbent or not large enough, which causes frustration and a LOT of additional washing and cleaning.

When choosing a bib for your baby, look at all those:

  1. Attachment: Make sure its not too tight (uncomfy) or too loose (will let through everything). Make sure it won’t be removed to easily if they pull on it, if not, you will always battle with your baby to leave it on. Where is it attached? At their back or on the side? Personally, I prefer, snap on around the neck bib. They keep good after many wash and getting attached around the neck allows for a better fits around your babies neck without being too loose.
  2. Fabrics: Make sure the bib material is thick enough to be able to absorb plenty. There is no point having a bib that won’t last a minute on your child. If you can find a bib with multiple layers of fabrics, it’s even better. I prefer bibs with bamboo or terry backing. Our bibs have bamboo backing.
  3. Size: The size depends on your use. If you are looking for a daily drooling bib, then you might want something a bit smaller so it’s not in the baby’s way. Make sure then it’s a close fit. If it’s for meals, you want to cover much more to ensure the food won’t reach clothing.

My trick, have a look when your baby is sitting in a high chair the area of their chest you can see, this is the area you will want to cover.

We hope that with those tricks you won’t get the same frustration as we did. If you are ever looking for GOOD bibs, try ours, we have hand selected them because they WORK.

Handmade in Australia by a mum for other mums, you won’t be disappointed!

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