Travelling with your bub or kid soon? Are you ready? I sure thought I was…

Last year, I went back to visit my family in Canada and decided to go by myself with my 5 yo and my 6 months old. Thought to myself, how bad can it be? They will be sleeping on the plane sometime and I’ll be able to rest once in a while. Moreover, my family is waiting for me on the other side so I’ll be able to sleep once I arrive there. Can I tell you, it didn’t go as plan…

I had been travelling so much in my life that I knew the basics. Bring some things for the kids to keep them busy for the long trip (books, puzzles, coloring, etc.) and get enough snacks to keep to whole plane fed for the trip 😉 At least I got that covered! What I didn’t expect was my daughter to be able, as a baby, to stay awake for almost 24h. She was so excited about the trip that she slept 3 x 20 min. in total. Everytime I thought: “That’s it! She is down!!!” Nope, she was able to wake up a few minutes after. This left me breastfeeding her almost every hour at the end because she wouldn’t calm herself.

A nice old couple, wanted to help me out so I could take a short break and took Maelie around the plane but she couldn’t stop crying. After 15 min. of trying and trying, they gave her back to me. Seconds after that, she threw up all the milk she had drink for the whole trip all over myself, herself and the seats. It looked straight out of a movie, you know when the vomiting is a strong single stream going everywhere. I can now testify, it CAN happen! Seriously, I have no idea if the second row behind us had some all over their things but as they had headphones I decided not to bother them…is that wrong? :O    At least the agents on board were amazing and help us out! We always learned but I was amazed that they brought only hot (I mean boiling) water compress which I cleaned myself (and kept my clothes on for the rest of the trip) and the seats and the smell was gone. Seriously, that’s a lesson’s learned…. HOT COMPRESS! Who new, right?

Arriving at destination was a blessing, my family was there to help me out and we had such an amazing time all together. Surprisingly, my daughter slept all the way back. I have now learned more about her and I notice that every new activity (camping, beach, travelling, etc.) she doesn’t sleep on the first night but she always does on the second. So when we do plan something, we try to stay at least two nights so we can enjoy our time.

I have to mention also that during this whole trip my 5yo son was a trooper and helped me a lot. To thanked him, on the way back, we stopped for chair massages which he had so much fun and a big laugh. Everyone passing us in the airport looked at us funny. A mum with a baby on her legs having a massage while the 5 yo was getting a massage in the second chair. That’s not a sight you get often!! Enjoy all your moments, the good ones and the bad ones as they don’t last!

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